Happy Go. Together

Happy Go. TogetherOur Happy Go. Together sessions promote wellbeing in the community. We incorporate laughter exercises, breathing techniques, movement to music, mindfulness and relaxation to benefit physically, socially and emotionally.

Our sessions provide opportunities for community groups, charities, memory cafés and day centres to bring people together in a fun activity, suitable for all abilities, which means everyone can enjoy themselves in a low-intensity activity, designed to improve mood and memory, boost self-esteem, overcome feelings of isolation and loneliness, reduce stress, boost the immune system and be happy, healthy and loving life.

NEW! We’re very happy to introduce our  New Laughter Bingo! We supply the bingo equipment and prizes… and your participants supply the laughter! A recent group described our Laughter Bingo as “so much better than the bingo we’ve played before… we were all laughing and it brought us together doing something we all enjoy… we feel great!” Our Laughter Bingo is designed to keep the laughter going, following our Happy Go. Together activity.

“We laugh a lot as a group and Emma showed us ways we can use laughter whenever we want. Next time we’re stressed or frustrated, we’re going to try laughing instead!”  Penryn Memory Café

“We didn’t really know what to expect, but Emma explained about the benefits of laughing and really put us at ease. We thoroughly enjoyed the activity, especially the laughter exercises!”  Falmouth Memory Café

“It was so good to hear people talking about what makes them happy and the good times they remember. We felt comfortable to be ourselves and enjoy the moment.” St Agnes Memory Café

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