Happy Go. De-Stress

Happy Go. De-StressOur Happy Go. De-Stress sessions promote wellbeing for students. We incorporate laughter exercises, breathing techniques, mindfulness and relaxation to help students manage stress, particularly around assignment deadlines, revision and exams.

According to an NUS survey, 87% of students experienced stress, 77% experienced anxiety and 48% experienced panic.

It’s important we keep our cortisol (stress hormone) levels balanced: small increases can improve memory functions, boost energy levels and regulate blood pressure, which can help us perform well under a little stress. But when we experience high stress, higher levels of cortisol are released which can impair cognitive performance and increase blood pressure, which can compromise our best efforts to perform well.

As part of our sessions, we equip students with interventions for identifying and managing stress, a virtual toolkit which means students can continue to identify and manage stressful situations.

Our sessions provide opportunities for students to enjoy themselves in a fun session designed to reduce stress and bring stress into balance, improve mood, boost self-esteem and confidence, reduce blood pressure, offer a change in perspective, increase problem-solving ability, increase creativity and boost innovation… and give students some time out to relax and de-stress so they can go on to perform at their best.

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